Fabians bed
Fabians bed
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stacey10, May 13, 2012
loving the nice bright colours, good for stilmulating mr fabian :)
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leesha89, May 13, 2012
yeah i like girly colours but couldnt do that for him so it had to be bright kos im not a big fan of browns and dark colours. im happy with his room now. i had been fiddling with it for the last 20w lol but im finally happy and everythings in there now. although half his stuff like his swing etc is all in the lounge kos his rooms quite small
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Babyiish, May 20, 2012
Wow..your are all set...I am too only got 19 more days to go..
You like nice and bright colors...I like it..it looks really nice...
My my colors are pastel....monkey theme ...I still need more decoration..
Good luck & best wishes xxxx