Cassidy & Jordan
Cassidy & Jordan
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opus88, May 20, 2012
gorgeous as always -)
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Jade59, May 20, 2012
Beautiful pic, Linda.  Cass wears this color well.  What was the event?  This was the same color theme I had for my senior prom.  My b.f. also wore a white tux with the blue accents.  Funny story.  He wore boxer shorts, so the first time he tried on his white pants, the boxers simply were not enough to hide how well endowed he was (he had a rep for that among the jocks at  school. lol), I mean you could 'see' Everything!  So we went had to go shopping for some briefs just for that evening.
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LindaTX, May 20, 2012
Thanks, Opus.....and Jade, that is the funniest story!  It would have been even funnier if you had gotten to the Prom and then found out, ha-ha!  Believe it or not, must be a trend or something, they went to the Prom at his former high school.  He is a football player, like your b.f. was and  I haven't heard if they went through a similar scenario with the tux. I'll have to ask, lol.  I guess he just wanted to go back to his former H.S. and visit friends.  I remember at my Prom, my b.f. wore a white jacket but his pants were black.  I think this was about the 5th Prom Cass has gone to.  This dress she borrowed from a friend.