Mini, closest she'd get while I was outside.
Mini, closest she'd get while I was outside.
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Fluffysmom, May 27, 2012
I sat cross-legged on the porch with a bowl of tasty soft food  half-way between her and I.  Her nose was going like crazy, and she did inch a little closer, but this was it; the kitty stand-off.  I've zoomed in a bit for this photo.  I finally went inside, got the good camera, and she came up and was gobbling down the food.  She hauled the first bite out on the barkdust when I came back, but the taste got to her, and she let me and Beau watch her through the screen.  She pushed that bowl across the porch until it was empty & up against the door mat.  I hope she's being well fed, groomed, and loved.