new fawn
new fawn
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cirella, Aug 05, 2008
Awww, so cute!  We haven't seen too many deer around our house lately.  I miss seeing them.
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vegas2cr, Aug 05, 2008
It takes my breath away its so beautiful... we have tons of animals here in Costa Rica but no deer, elk or the like...
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butterflytc, Aug 05, 2008
It almost draws you into the silence. such beauty
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msjazz, Aug 05, 2008
I took this from inside the house through the deck door, early Sunday about 6am. You don't hardly see the babies with spots. I think the baby saw me though, its looking my way. I left as soon as I took the pic, in case she was going to the lake. I saw the
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JC145, Aug 05, 2008
Have very few animals around me.  Dunedin is pretty well built up .. no forests nearby.  However, there is a family of peacocks in the neighborhood.  Never see the "fan" ... just the birds walking around.  I'll try to get a pic one day.  Thanks for sharin
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lvfrogs, Aug 05, 2008
That is a beautiful picture, how nice that you can see them from your house - that close.  Where I live, it used to be like that and now we still have animals, even a bear that comes through, but that is because their habitat is being taken away. Such a s
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Tybear, Sep 28, 2008
Wow! I have yet to see any deer at my place, but I hear they are everywhere!
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TrudieC, Sep 30, 2008
They would be so beautiful to see at the lake.