Misty's grave July11 2012
Misty's grave July11 2012
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Jade59, Jul 11, 2012
This is just beautiful, Ginger, really lovely.  Very calm and serene; like your Misty girl...and You, my friend.  Clearly, you worked long and lovingly on your girl's final resting place.  I hope, in time, this will feel like a peaceful place for you.  Maybe it already does? ♥
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margypops, Jul 11, 2012
Very nice Ginger, just lovely ..the flowers are pretty there's the butterfly you have told me about  lighting her way to heaven ..xxx.
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em722, Jul 16, 2012
Ginger! I'm so sorry I didn't see this sooner. Such a beautiful, coloful place for her....a natural, gentle, protected piece of ground for her to rest in. And so lovingly covered in flowers...an awesome tribute to Misty's incredible soul.
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ginger899, Mar 03, 2013
Her grave looks so pretty right now, with all the spring flowers coming up, snowdrops, pink lilac and yellow primroses, and her little white butterfly with a diamante sparkling in the sunshine. Bless your dear Spirit on its journey, and many thanks to you my "lovely girlie" for all the love XXX
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em722, May 29, 2013
Just remembering your beautiful Misty...
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ginger899, May 30, 2013
Thanks em, for remembering her. It will be a year next week. I am thinking of Buddy too. Bless him.
That nasturtium (in the middle of her "garden" grew to be 9ft tall!!! Covered in scarlet yellow and orange flowers and the bees loved it. But it was too big and blew over in a wind, so we'll have little flowers this year.
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LindaTX, May 30, 2013
Just beautiful, Ginger
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Jade59, Jun 13, 2013
Thinking of you and Misty today.  I wish I had the words...((♥))
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ginger899, Jun 26, 2013
Thank you Jade sweetheart! Different flowers this year, pansies and marigolds, with the Fuchsia which I thought was dead and cut most of it away, but it has resurrected! Her grave looked so pretty in the Spring with yellow, pink and purple primroses
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Jade59, Aug 19, 2016
Thinking of Misty today.  And you, Ginger.  When Jade passed I thought of how beautiful Misty's grave was and wished I could of done something similar in Jades honor, but we just didn't have the room out back.  I will never forget your sweet, unique Misty, Ginger.  Oh how I cried with you when she passed.  I still tear up if I read your journals about her.  She was so special. Hugs ♥