B G Macina Acciaio Garantito3
B G Macina Acciaio Garantito3
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hepcandme, Sep 28, 2015
really a nice piece
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Frank J. Perrotta, Sep 28, 2015
Thank you. Now I am embarrassed. I will have to take a pic of the one I found in the basement of my parents home... now my second property (finding so many treasures). I believe my maternal grandmother used this in her cooking. probably for grinding herbs and such. I think this one has a painted (orange) top as mine is plain metal matching the gearing/handle.

This one seems to sit flat and mine has rubber feet.

It grinds perfect espresso grind or as you like your coffee!

Um, will write some stuff on your photos! Am so jealous! I miss SF so much. and you saw the Ai Weiwei on Alcatraz show!