B G Macina Acciaio Garantito1
B G Macina Acciaio Garantito1
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BoceprevirGal, Aug 08, 2012
Sweet...is that a coffee grinder?
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Frank J. Perrotta, Aug 08, 2012

Been talking coffee with tiredofhepcII and told him about a hand crank coffee grinder (can be used for spices and other stuff I guess) that I found in my parents basement... I figured out how to change the grind by accident while taking it apart while cleaning it...

The top screw unscrews and goes into different slots which changes the position of the teeth of the grinder. It makes an espresso fine grind or a regular filter grind and is amazingly consistent. Of course mine is NOT so new looking and the top part hinges differently and mine has rubber legs...

The mystery is the drawer... the rear panel has only two small nails so that it swivels completely open??? Not sure why that is necessary. But it is just so nicely made and a nice find in my parents basement!!!