Julie & Mr. Bear
Julie & Mr. Bear
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Jade59, Aug 08, 2012
Hi Julie!!!
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LindaTX, Aug 08, 2012
Ha-ha...my crazy daughter...she just had to have her picture with him in front of one of the souvenir shops on the streets of Anchorage. I think she wanted to show it to the kids back home, lol.
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em722, Nov 09, 2012
Are you sure that's a 'Mr' Bear? Looks like it's saying, "So, guess what she said, Julie? She went like, I'm not digging your new claw polish and I went like, you might be feeling my claws pretty soon if you don't like shut up and she went....."

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Jade59, Nov 09, 2012
LOL, Em!  
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LindaTX, Nov 11, 2012
You know....it just might have been a Miss Bear!  :)
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jimi1822, Mar 09, 2013
AweSome picture =0)