6 hours total to and from The Devil's Punchbowl.
6 hours total to and from The Devil's Punchbowl.
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adgal, Sep 18, 2012
I've hiked this...a good many years ago now.  It's actually not that easy a hike...good for you!!!  Beautiful though if I remember correctly.  
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Nighthawk61, Sep 18, 2012
Yeah, I'm 51, a long term smoker, I only lasted 4 hours, I crept up the side of the gorge and took a cab to the car lol. I loved every minute of it though, and plan to finish the whole trip in the next couple of weeks, or early next year. I'm weaning off of the cigarettes, losing weight, using my teeter's hang up inverse board, and trying to introduce exercise at home into my plan. i'm bound and determined I'm going to do this..I had to use, not one, but two walking sticks to do it. I always thought that those walking sticks were for show. If I hadn't broken a couple of branches down to sticks i never would have made the 4 hours trek , that's for sure. Yeah, it was a gorgeous site.
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Rudypooh, May 25, 2013
Makes me home sick... Im from the mountains of Mendocino county in northern california!