Playing frisbee
Playing frisbee
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Me967, Mar 05, 2008
Her Favorite game - frisbee.  Even with Myesthenia Gravis and Mega Esophogus- lifes was still fun and enjoyable for her at special times after feeding thanks to Diane Sheltons research and Dons; but, also my own findings and understanding with dogs.  
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Sonflower, Dec 22, 2008

Hi Me967;


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Me967, Dec 22, 2008
Thank you.  That was my Hope.  She loved to play frisbee and hang out at the creek.  She was a very special girl loved by all.  She was part rottie/pitt bull and father was a lab.  Very sweet and lovable.
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MJIthewriter, Jan 28, 2009
Good catch!