My lady that never leaves my side.  Rest in Peace my Love.
My lady that never leaves my side.  Rest in Peace my Love.
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Megan136, Jan 03, 2009
What a beautiful picture!!  Is this your collie who had/has liver failure????   She is gorgeous and I hope that she is with you for a long, long time yet!     Hope you don't think I'm being intrusive, but I've never been on a site like the Pet one before & I was curious to see who I was talking to on line!  I'm going to see if I can add a profile and some pictures of my "fur baby".  Again, thanks for your support. Megan 136
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Me967, Jan 03, 2009
Yes this is my Lady.  And no your not being intrusive at all.  I think we all do the same thing.  
I love your profile picture.  My profile picture is of my dearly missed Chihuahua.  He was 17 years old too, he passed into rainbows bridge July of 07 and it still seems like yesterday.  
I have Lady, Koenig and Caesar now along with the two cats, Sassy and Angel all pictured.  I hope and pray your baby lives a long time too.   My fur babies are my kids.  Write me anytime.   Amy.
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Me967, May 19, 2009
Too my Lady,
My Beautiful Sweet and loving Lady.  My precious precious girl,  I will always have you in my heart Sweetheart now and forever just as I said I would my love.  And Momma will be ok...just as I said I would....I'm just really heartbroken because I miss you so verrrrrry much.  ;~(  

We walked around the yard and down to the creek each day until the day you went with Jesus and you were so proud with good reason my baby.  I just loved to see you wag your beautiful tail.  I'm so glad we could spend the week together filled with "nothing but Love".

I'm sorry I cried as you looked into my eyes too tired to barely left your head of my shoulder as your heart stopped on Saturday.  I miss you so soo verrry much!  I laid you in the flower garden as I promised.  LOL  Funny I tried to keep you out of there for 8 years, then finally the last 4 I called that your flower garden.

We were both blessed with tons of prayer that you didn't feel any pain and that you could enjoy your last couple of days.  

I will always Love you and you will always be in my heart forever and ever my love.  You lived a long life of ~18.  I miss you my pretty and beautiful baby.  My Lady.

Love;  Momma.
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honey156, Apr 11, 2010
a nice dog!
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Me967, Apr 11, 2010
Thank you.  She was a real sweetheart.  She loved to be loved.  I'm sure she playing over the rainbow in heaven now, running threw the fields and flowers.  LOL.