After drain with Chiari Mesh added
After drain with Chiari Mesh added
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selmaS, Oct 09, 2012
well it is not too big.....looks a little sore....I am sure u have some recovery to deal with...know I am thinking about u <3
992677 tn?1537668903
ChiariWolf, Oct 10, 2012
No, incision is bigger than he expected. But after seeing some other zippers it still is reasonable I think. Much bigger than the original scar though. As of Sunday my neck was swoollen where my sweet wife said you almost couldn't see a size difference between it and my head. So it has come down a lot.
620923 tn?1452915648
selmaS, Oct 10, 2012
Glad the swelling has come scar was much larger....but I had the pericardium harvested too....just so happy things have worked out for u...and u r on the mend : )
1827123 tn?1383865276
jiggle93, Oct 11, 2012
thanks for sharing CW. Hoping this is the beginning to better days for you! Hugs to your lovely wife!