Cool down & rest time
Cool down & rest time
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Dakotawinks, Sep 12, 2008
Awwww beautiful babies. I totally love dogs, go check out my two, they are great:)
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Me967, Jan 03, 2009
This picture was taken last year.  Caesar (the Great Dane) on the floor was around 8 months old there.  Lady (the Border Collie) now has liver disease at 17 years old and Koenig (the Rottie mix) is 10 years old there and other than normal eye issues and hip issues for his age is doing just fine.  Sorry I just noticed the comment now.  That was when (Sept.) my Grandma was in the hospital.  I'm cruising on over to check out yours now.....
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lonewolf07, Jan 28, 2009
They are beautiful dogs.  We have four dogs - two big ones and two small ones.  Guess who causes the most trouble  lol

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remar, Oct 31, 2009
Amy, your house looks just like mine. The 4 legged babies run the house and we have to fight with them to sit on the couch! Caesar is huge! And just beautiful. So are your other babies.
We know who runs your house Wolf. He's a little bitty guy who likes to dress up in costumes! Ha ha