Santana 8/19/2008 27 weeks 5 days
Santana 8/19/2008 27 weeks 5 days
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432779 tn?1364494875
feather2e, Aug 20, 2008
She is so cute
304970 tn?1331425994
LauraB78, Aug 20, 2008
Awwwww.. I LOVE the 4D photos! Sooo cool!
484470 tn?1226541095
taken062406, Aug 20, 2008
That is awesome. I have mine schedule for Sept. 3
408496 tn?1269603350
durhamjk1, Aug 20, 2008
What a great face shot!  I don't get another u/s (insurance won't pay) and the one I had Landen was being bashful and wouldn't show is face!  I am jealous - I guess I will have to wait until D-Day to see his face.