Comparative MRIs 2007 to 2012
Comparative MRIs 2007 to 2012
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Audrey_M, Dec 09, 2012
2012 imaging done on a T3 machine; previous imaging done on a T1.5 machine. First and last scans done at one facility and middle scans (2010) done at a different facility, which appears to have lower resolution software.

At this time, I am still not diagnosed. Symptoms began in earnest in 2003, however a CT scan of the IAC of the brain was done, with no MRI. Baseline scan is four years into symptoms.

Even though they say location, location, location is important with MS lesions, I have been told that my lesions are not typical for MS (size and shape). There are in excess of 12 hyperintense T2 lesions; lesions are periventricular, juxtacortical and in the corpus callosum.