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AppleBr, Dec 11, 2012
For Loreena's mice colection, some day - she ignored the lovely white furry one I gave her last month.
Apparently, she didnt recognize white ones as preys - she never met a real one in white, for sure!
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margypops, Dec 12, 2012
these are so sweet looking almost like a critter than comes into my garden
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AppleBr, May 15, 2013
I did my first own!!
Loreena liked - she was in the mood for playing the day I gave it her.
BTW, her Mother's day gift was a black and ugly rubber rat that walks ( better saying, jumps like a frog) moved by a small air bomb.Quite cheap one - quite better results than the cutes ones
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LindaTX, May 16, 2013
Appole, Foxy always puts his favorite "mousie" in his food bowl, whether it's empty or full.  It never fails, when I see it... I jump, thinking it's a real one.  He likes to play with my mind that way, ha-ha!

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AppleBr, May 16, 2013
:-) Haunting mama, yuh?
Someone here has a cat that feed - on  the bowl- and take her favorite toy to the litter box after- its you?