sleepy lil guy♡
sleepy lil guy♡
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tasha_labruyere, Jan 01, 2013
Hes just so darn cute :))
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yourstruly21, Jan 01, 2013
Thanks:) I love him so much already! I cant wait to bring him home
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acline93, Jan 01, 2013
Do you know when they're going to let him come home?
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yourstruly21, Jan 02, 2013
@acline I dont): hopefully soon tho! They wanna make sure hes putting on weight and continues to eat and everything but so far everything is looking good other than he takes a lil while to finish his bottles....
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maybaby19, Jan 04, 2013
He is so presh :)
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Des92, Jan 05, 2013
He's deff a keeper!
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yourstruly21, Jan 06, 2013
Thank yu girls:)
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JennCam, Jan 06, 2013
Oh he Is just adorable <3