26 weeks 8/16/08
26 weeks 8/16/08
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durhamjk1, Aug 25, 2008
You look good for 26 weeks!   I am a couple of weeks behind you (25 weeks 2 days) and I think our bump is about the same. :)
443185 tn?1211671293
pmperez, Aug 26, 2008
I think your belly is cute Im a little ahead of you and much bigger...lol
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FEOT, Aug 26, 2008
Very cute!!
449669 tn?1221416125
Berrygirl, Sep 08, 2008
LOL. Thanks for the comment on my pic, but you have a cuter baby bump...LOL My bump is in the front and the back....Glad to be back and know the ladies are doing well.