"Hello, I'm New...My name is Cindy Lou Who"
"Hello, I'm New...My name is Cindy Lou Who"
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Chuckie327, Nov 23, 2013
Cindy Lou Who -Cute in all ways!  Chuckie/Charlotte
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Misfits4Me, Nov 23, 2013
Thank you!  We think she is adorable, too! She is around 4yrs. old....Unsure what breed/breeds she is????  Yes, those are her real eye lashes!  :)  
She's been with us about 19mos......Was found abandoned in a cemetery and living on her own.......I was her foster mom, but because of multiple illnesses, kept her as my own.....She does not have long to live & we take it day by day......She's a very special Angel and made her way here for a reason I suppose.....We've been blessed!!!!