"Baby, It's Cold Outside!"
"Baby, It's Cold Outside!"
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Chuckie327, Nov 23, 2013
How cute. Do you care for all of them? Charlotte
462827 tn?1333168952
Misfits4Me, Nov 23, 2013
Yes, this group is ALL my own.....All adopted at various times!!!!  We usually have a Foster dog, too!  Crazy times!!!!  :)  
612551 tn?1450022175
Jerry_NJ, Jan 22, 2014
I'll bet the Foster dog hopes it will be adopted by you, and I know why : )  
874521 tn?1424116797
opus88, Jan 22, 2014
wow.... they are all adorable, ..is that their very own eye level TV set too?
462827 tn?1333168952
Misfits4Me, Jan 22, 2014
Thank You Jerry for the compliment! The little Terrier Mix (On front) was a foster dog that I could not let go of...She was/is very ill & I knew she must stay here.....There's been 4 fosters since, that I WAS able to let go of...Although very, very hard!!!

Opus- LOL!  NO TV, but a good idea I must say! :) That's a gas stove that they obviously prefer to lay by! However, I'll get busy w/your TV idea!   Thanks for the plan!  :)