Crackerjack on the front porch
Crackerjack on the front porch
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587315 tn?1333556383
zodiacqueen, Jan 04, 2014
Cute!  He looks like batman.  LOL
874521 tn?1424120397
opus88, Jan 04, 2014 he does...batCAT perhaps??? love the tuxedo's
134578 tn?1517087675
AnnieBrooke, Jan 04, 2014
He has a daughter who looks like Batman after a wild night -- her cowl has slipped diagonally so one eye is on black and the other is on white.  Both cats have extra toes front and back.  I'm nuts for the polydactyls.
139792 tn?1498589250
Dalubaba, Dec 06, 2015
Every item in the picture is worth commenting...
6669309 tn?1462651742
breezytoo, Jan 15, 2016
He looks like a very happy guy!! So cute!