don't laugh I have to grow into my wiskers
don't laugh I have to grow into my wiskers
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lonewolf07, Aug 31, 2008
She's so cute.  Her eyes are so expressive.  You must just love her so much.  Rawhide's first girlfriend was a chihuahua.

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10356, Dec 09, 2008
Ahhh what a perfectly charming picture....
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rebel5, Nov 04, 2009
i want another puppy
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jimi1822, Feb 21, 2010
I Thank GOD sooooo much for chiquita :) every day for I am truly Blessed =0)
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aheart, Feb 26, 2010
How precious she/he is! Boy if looking at her wouldn't make your heart melt, you would have to be pretty cold. I think I would love her to death! lol
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Dazon50, Aug 06, 2010
Just look at that face!!!  How could it not melt your heart and for you to fall in love :-))))
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margypops, Jan 21, 2013
Just looked at this Jimi how is the pup doing now ?
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jimi1822, Jan 21, 2013
Awesome, Lori and i share custody, I get her tuesday - friday, she gets her sat - monday =0) I Love my puppy soooo much :)
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jimi1822, Feb 11, 2013
<3 my puppy =0)
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jimi1822, Apr 07, 2013
She's my Bestest friend :) =0)