Grammy After Party at L.A. Convention Center
Grammy After Party at L.A. Convention Center
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melimeli, Feb 11, 2013
did you have so much fun?
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Sherri90049, Feb 11, 2013
Yes. We did. Thanks Meli! It was such a thrill to be there. And we were lucky enough to watch from the comfort of a luxury suite. I will post a pic of the view of the stage from our suite later too. We feel so blessed to have been invited.
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retta483, Feb 11, 2013
I'd frame this one so sweet <3
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pb95, Feb 11, 2013
Wowza!!!  Awesome dress!
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tones99, Feb 11, 2013
wow .. you look totally hot!  what an amazing experience that would have been!  hubby brushes up pretty good too!
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butterflybabies, Feb 11, 2013
Looking like some movie stars!!!
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Sherri90049, Feb 11, 2013
Awwww!!! Thank you! You guys are so sweet! I wish the lighting was better. We hardly got any decent pics. :( And my battery died early, so, that didn't help. Oh well! Next time! Lol!
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haz1104, Feb 12, 2013

Wow!!! Sherri..I love it!!! u guys look soo GOOD .like fit for Red Carpet haha..did u say hi to "George Clooney: for me!??! haha..I'm sure u did :p..glad u had a great time! :)
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Sherri90049, Feb 12, 2013
Didn't see George unfortunately. :( Will probably have to go to the Oscars to do that. Lol! It was fun to go, but I don't think I would do any of them (Grammy's, Emmy's, Oscars) more than once. It's pretty exhausting! Hard walking around in heels when you're not used to it. :)
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Yrmacias, Feb 12, 2013
You look gorgeous and you DH look handsome.