How cute is he??
How cute is he??
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opus88, Feb 14, 2013
ohhhh so cute, looks just like my Marley did when she was a Marley is my granddaughters dog but I do get to babysit alot...
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honey156, Feb 20, 2013 cute.I wish he was mine:)))
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deadgamegrrl, Feb 24, 2013
So adorable! I miss having bulldogs!
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ImDONENoMore, Feb 24, 2013
OMG.  This is just TOO cute!!!  LOVE it!!
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aheart, Apr 02, 2013
I heard that these have become one of the most popular breeds now. Their gas can run you out of your house when they get older though. PU!!
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EvolverU, Apr 16, 2013
Unbelievable..I think I'm going into a cuteness swoon!