Supporting a good cause
Supporting a good cause
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AppleBr, Feb 15, 2013
"I had to share this awesome logo design for Gato Fest 2013, coming up on February 17, 2013 in Mexico City. Gato Fest is a day long event benefiting several cat shelters in Mexico City. The event is organized by El Gato Vago (The Stray Cat), a group working to spay and neuter and find homes for the stray cats of Mexico City. If you read Spanish, you can learn more about Gato Fest 2013 and El Gato Vago on the El Gato Vago Facebook page."
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FurballsMom, Oct 10, 2013
That's nice.  I don't read enough Spanish to understand it well enough to go to their FB page.  Every so often there is some sort of event with the same sort of agenda as this in my part of the world and across America, too.  Here, there is even a free vet clinic for low income and homeless people that will spay and neuter cats and dogs and give them their required vaccinations.  It's not a good vet for other pet health care, but its purpose is to reduce the number of unwanted pets in shelters.