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mckansas, Feb 27, 2013
If only we could, with the constant politics and lies we are doomed if nothing is done.
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bluebird305, May 31, 2013
Its nice to hear from people who are aware of what's going on.  All we can do is spread the message and hope that they listen. without sounding preachy (well maybe a little) afterall isnt that our purpose in life. Oh boy how I do ramble on.  It is just my opinion.  I can't think of a better place to live than the country.  And to mckansas  we are not doomed , we have more power than we realize . Our power comes from   up above.  AAAAAHHHHH  I needed to say all that.  I hope you do not take me the wrong way.  I am just trying to do the best I can.    Tanx   bluebird305
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creewoman, Jun 01, 2013
I never miss a chance to glorify the"from above"!He is our hope our hero our knoght in shining honor.The son Mother's need the husband we all deserve,the friend who is always there.He asks only that we love one another and believe in him.
I LOOVVE soap boxes and soap boxers.
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Dee1956, Aug 13, 2013
I am going to copy to carry on this information, it is very sad to think 100 people could make such a difference.