yesterday's test very faint
yesterday's test very faint
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Yrmacias, Feb 27, 2013
OMG, retta!
1351078 tn?1416316746
retta483, Feb 27, 2013
im not excited yet . todays test just as light :P couldent even get a pict of that one
334926 tn?1436815123
butterflybabies, Feb 27, 2013
Fingers crossed!
3233386 tn?1447028295
mandaszoo, Feb 27, 2013
Good luck. Can definately see second line : )
982214 tn?1471458381
krichar, Feb 27, 2013
Praying this is a gooder ;)
1907191 tn?1468104574
cheekyhalfs, Feb 27, 2013
Oooooh :)
2011481 tn?1374266267
khawkins, Feb 27, 2013
Can't wait to see tomorrows test... Fingers are crossed for you!!! You deserve this! Xoxo
4851148 tn?1451007680
nichole120604, Feb 27, 2013
Hey, there....
You didn't tell me about this....
I see a second line.
I will pray for you Retta.
Please, keep me posted. You know I am mostly on FB.
God bless you.
1169162 tn?1331235953
nola0805, Feb 27, 2013
My tests stayed so so light for three days before getting only a tiny bit darker so don't worry too much about day to day changes.  And remember, a line is a line!  Congrats.
4851148 tn?1451007680
nichole120604, Feb 27, 2013
I will be SUPER happy for you.