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ashler1977, Mar 08, 2013
When did you take this pill? Was in the morning? Was it after meals? if so, how many hours aprox. after a meal?
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staysafe, Mar 08, 2013
this is how my tongue looks usually. after a meal it becomes less white
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donron81, Mar 13, 2014
hi did this go away? my story is very similar to yours. I honestly think that its oral thrush from oral sex or another std.
I would really appreciate to hear from you. I have it now for 8 months, much worse that yours but mine looks like this also sometimes after i have eaten. Its just unbearable.
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jezibel, May 24, 2015
Oral thrush is painful. everything in your mouth is coated in white down to the gumline, across the jaw, and down your back of your throat. Everything becomes red, hot, inflamed, and irritated. Your entire body will hurt as it's in your digestive system. You won't be able to eat. Everything turns into vomit or diarrhea...

This is just a little fuzzy. A normal amount of body bacteria. You can keep the growth down by scraping and brushing your tongue with your toothbrush. Rinse with warm salt water. Salt kills everything and keeps your gums healthy.

Bacteria loves colonies. Don't let them form. Harmless. Don't eat leftovers that have come in contact with your mouth. Yeast can grow on your old food in the refrigerator. Eat lots of yogurt. Stay hydrated. Get lots of sunlight. If your ears and toes start smelling like cheese, Get a prescription for Diflucan.