my hubby and me
my hubby and me
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ChitChatNine, Sep 22, 2008
STUNNING .. absolutely stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I AM SPEECHLESS and am so proud to know you as my friend ............. having gone through the surgery you went through and still not having full answers you amaze me at your beauty .............and your strength ................ look @ you in these photos Helen!

I could go on and on and on .. I love your dress, your makeup, your hair, your cake is WOW, you are happy .... and you husband has one lucky lady by his side~!

Go MICKEY and MINNIE .. I so wish I lived in FL .... I would have crashed the honeymoon!

PS:  The necklace is Perfect . Not even a hint of the scar!

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Shari4, Sep 22, 2008
Oh, Helen!!!!

You look every bit the fairy tale princess bride!!!  You and your husband look so amazing and wonderfully happy!  I hope your Wedding Day was beyond your wildest dreams, and I wish you both all the happiness in the world!!

With much love,

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mommy2two2008, Sep 22, 2008
TRUELY BEAUTIFUL!!!!  You deserve all the best and he is very lucky you're now his wife! :) Snuggles ~Kim
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treimbol, Sep 23, 2008
Helen, you look amazing!! It's so good to see you smiling!  Congratulations!
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helsurf, Sep 23, 2008
Thankyou to all of you, we had an absolutely lovely day! The weather was perfect and the venue lovely and my husband looked very hansome :) looking forward to the honeymoon now :) Has certainly kept my mind off other things :) x xx x