April 5th 2013 Dodger Stadium Dugout
April 5th 2013 Dodger Stadium Dugout
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jimi1822, Apr 08, 2013
Nice =0)
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EvolverU, Apr 08, 2013
Really nice photo, E. Thank you!
4113881 tn?1415853876
ActingBrandNew, Apr 08, 2013
Thanks...I had this ticket for a stadium tour since December last year but never felt well enough to go because of the Hep treatment. I finally forced myself and had a blast! Some times getting out lifts the spirits.
547913 tn?1317359267
jimi1822, Apr 08, 2013
Dare to leave your comfort zone no matter how we feel =0)
4522800 tn?1470329434
VICourageous, Apr 08, 2013
Nice pic..You look so handsome and happy...You go guy...lol
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timothy141, Apr 09, 2013
Very cool...good to see you out and about!
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rivll, Apr 09, 2013
Very nice, you look great.
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FourJays, Apr 09, 2013
What a cool and fun experience.....glad YOU got to do it.  Great photo too :)
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ahavs0308, Apr 10, 2013
Look good, bro!
3159077 tn?1356034731
Reidmusic, Apr 10, 2013
That's right, get out and start living again. We all owe ourselves a little fun and pleasure for what we endured to kill the HCV.