My son Tyson and I
My son Tyson and I
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vegas2cr, Sep 27, 2008
You have the most gorgeous blue eye...great photo
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Sandymac, Sep 27, 2008
OMG.. what do you use on your skin !!!?? Flawless !!  He is adorable !! How much are the tooth fairies getting lately ?? Bet more than years ago !!
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dawnlyn, Sep 27, 2008
What a great picture...Tyson is so cute and  looks ornery........I bet he keeps you busy.. I agree with Ronni above you do have gorgeous eyes.......Thanks for sharing....
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Tybear, Oct 01, 2008
Thanks everyone...I'd love to tell you my secrect, but the truth is, I use nothing on my skin. I only ever wash it in the shower in the morning with a bar of good ol' Dove soap. I figure this must be my payback for getting cancer, cause the rest of me sure is falling apart ;)