A11- My hybrid African Violet
A11- My hybrid African Violet
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MJIthewriter, Sep 29, 2008
This is one my own hybrid African violets. The flower shape is referred to as a star. It's a genetic recessive trait. That means theoretically 1/4 of my hybrids will be star flowers. So far I believe it is the 1st out of my A batch.  Out of my B batch I have 4 stars so far. (If I counted right)

Single petals are also supposedly a genetic recessive trait.
Blue (lavender) is supposedly a dominant trait. Theoretically most of my crosses should turn out blue. So far I’ve gotten blue, light blue, magenta/pink, pale pink and white

This is my African violet for the free giveaway on

The winner gets to upload this beauty on their profile.
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jimi1822, Oct 26, 2008
                Please don't give up and leave stay and be strong we will get by this together as a family.

                                                                                               your friend and brother