This one is for you.."FourJays"
This one is for you.."FourJays"
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OpenMind24hours, Apr 19, 2013
That the "serious size" when it comes to Chainsaws! Go get 'em Vickie!!
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weaver71, Apr 19, 2013
Now that's what a mountain man calls a real woman!!! Wait, where's all the wood? Hmmmm, is this a prop?
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VICourageous, Apr 19, 2013
No the wood is behind me and in the shed..ha!! You will never know!!! Ha!
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SmilingBright, Apr 19, 2013
You are hillarious Vic!!!! Too cute
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toothfairie, Apr 19, 2013
too cute!  go get it girl!!  :)  
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FourJays, Apr 19, 2013
Wow, and I thought my curling iron and salad bowls were a romantic gift . . . .
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selfinduced, Apr 19, 2013
Why is tool time tim coming to mind? WOOT WOOT WOOT....GRRRRRRR....ROARRRRR
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Cinderelly70, Apr 19, 2013
Oh hell girlie,  you don't need my boys to cut down your tress!!  Looks like ur handling that saw pretty well on ur own!!  :))
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ricart70, Apr 19, 2013
Is that a stihl  38
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VICourageous, Apr 19, 2013
OK! OK! It is the Hubs and yes ricart it looks like it..Not sure of the length..We have many..I do use one..Yes honestly, but it is a bit smaller..OK The truth be told..Now I feel a big weight off of me...Ha!!!  Also I have a great big mull/ax..I do use it too..We finally got a big Wood Splitter..That makes splitting and stacking easy..Any one can come over and HELP..Got to get at least 6-8 cords in...Ekkkkkk This will get your Brain Chems