"embryo #2"
"embryo #2"
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hopeitworks, May 20, 2013
gorgeous embie!
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kaprovea, May 21, 2013
they look great!!
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mhv, May 24, 2013
Well, hello handsome :). Can't wait to see you in 9 months :)
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plumber43, Jun 25, 2013
I'm so excited for you. I will transfer my two remaining blasts next month!
Your baby girl is so beautiful
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Heather3418, Aug 05, 2013
I hope you get to see this note.  I have never seen a blast that has "hatched."  What an exciting picture.  This is one healthy looking blastocyst.  I will never get over the miracle of life's beginning and the 9 months that follow.  It IS truly a miracle.  Eve though your recent post says you are still going through alot of nausea, I will tell you the same thing my OB told me so many years ago.  "You have one healthy baby in there.  The nausea is a sign we doctor's use as a guide to how well the embryo is doing"  That was 42 years ago now.  I didn't just have the nausea with my son (that started at 6 weeks, I had the nausea and vomiting, well into my fifth month.  That's when my doctor told me it was a boy.  Lucky guess, I think.

My OB of so many years ago, said that the embryo/growing fetus was producing a large amount of hormones that my body couldn't handle - hence the severe nausea and vomiting.  Lost 18 pounds in the first 5 months, then went on to gain from 135 pounds to 191 pounds at time of delivery.  Not healthy, as you know.

Try to hang in there little momma.  It's almost time for that nausea to pass and for you to start enjoying being pregnant.  I thought I understood that you were also carrying a little boy.  Your body doesn't like all that testosterone floating around in your body.  Good luck to you little momma.  The MedHelp Aunties are excited.  God Bless you, precious one.

Heather  (Sometimes called "Earth Mother)
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Heather3418, Aug 05, 2013
Should have said "hatching," in my second sentence, not "hatched."  Obviously the blastocyst is hatching from the egg casing.  Awesome looking...just awesome.  It takes my breath away.  Thank you for sharing this picture with us.  I am 59 years old now and this is the first "hatching" I have ever seen and will probably be the last.