Cami and Drake
Cami and Drake
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hopeitworks, Jun 24, 2013
they are gorgeous so adorable Mel
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Des_a_rae, Jun 24, 2013
AWw how cute!! Okay, I'm curious, what are the necklaces for?  NOT that I'm complaining, they're adorable, but they must serve a purpose, I've seen them on alot of babies here lately lol.  
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Ellen038, Jun 24, 2013
Des, it's for teething
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Ellen038, Jun 24, 2013
Mel for some reason I always thought Cami was taller or bigger then Drake. I clearly see I'm wrong now.  My cousins girl Valerie turned 2 in the very end of April and looks as big as Drake.
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plumber43, Jun 24, 2013
Priceless momma, so beautiful!
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krichar, Jun 24, 2013 cute
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mhv, Jun 25, 2013
Ellen,  is actually a little taller then Drake.  They are about the same size otherwise. :). Tha is everyone for the kind words on my lil squirts :)
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Melissa_71, Jun 25, 2013
how much fun are these cutie pies? o my goodness they are so nice and big...time is flying isnt it? : )
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juana105, Jul 01, 2013
They are precious!
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HandOfFate, Jul 07, 2013
Simply beautiful! They are so beautiful, Mel - you must be so proud :) I can't believe they are going to be one already!