My beautiful family
My beautiful family
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plumber43, Jun 29, 2013
Beautiful family!
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Ellen038, Jun 30, 2013
My fav fam pic :)
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Helen72, Jun 30, 2013
You have a beautiful family Lily!!
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renae176, Jun 30, 2013
what a beautiful family, :))))
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butterflybabies, Jun 30, 2013
Thanks ladies!
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krichar, Jul 01, 2013
I LOVE this one!!!
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dscoqn, Jul 05, 2013
Gorgeous family!  I was trying to pick who they both looked the most like but I couldn't decide.  They are a real combo of you both :)
334926 tn?1436815123
butterflybabies, Jul 05, 2013
Really Kahli? Everyone says dh and I don't see any of me in them lol
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krichar, Jul 05, 2013
I agree with dscoqn... I see a lot of both of you in them
334926 tn?1436815123
butterflybabies, Jul 05, 2013
Idk about looks but personality wise Aleks is exactly dh, stubborn, selfish, serious and an observer. Maks is so like me, out going, funny, goofy and loves to have a good time. Lol