2012 - 2013  still away to go yet another 28lb
2012 - 2013  still away to go yet another 28lb
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leillani, Jul 09, 2013
Wow, good job, well done!
1444838 tn?1456170952
kersh79, Jul 10, 2013
Thank you :-) but I'm struggling to lose the other 28lb
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vivi_81, Jul 20, 2013
well done! You'll get there. the plateaus are always so discouraging, aren't they? What works for me then if i give my body 2 days in a row in the morning a sugar fix, then eat normal low calorie again thoughout the day, but it seems to kick start things again :) also, have you tried apple cider vinegar? it's amazing!
1444838 tn?1456170952
kersh79, Jul 20, 2013
Hi thank you :-)  no I haven't tried apple cider vinegar but heard other people talk about it were do you get it from and what do you do with it ?
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vivi_81, Jul 22, 2013
Here in Ireland you just get it OTC anywhere. i would assume that every brand is different, but with the one I have you take 3 tablets in the morning with breakfast. You could also just put a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in water and drink 3 glasses b4 each meal, but the problem is that over time, the vinegar might affect your enamel on your teeth.