Finished and SOLD. YEAHHHH!
Finished and SOLD. YEAHHHH!
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swampcritter, Oct 20, 2008
Looks this a watercolot?
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flmagi, Oct 21, 2008
Hey Swampy! No, It was painted with acrylics. Sold for 3500.00....really needed the money, so I'm a happy camper.
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10356, Oct 21, 2008
Wow this is gorgeous...   Congratulations on the sale :)
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Burrpatch, Oct 25, 2008
Great Work Mag !! Great time was put into this project I'll bet !! Love the colors! Brings one back to the day !!  lol !!  Love to see it under a "Black Light" !!  WHOOOOOOSHE !! Back to '72' !!  lol !!
Thanks for sharing .... BURR P.
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marie333, Oct 25, 2008
Wow, you are a fantastic artist, congratulations on all your paintings, you are magnificent, I wish you lived in Australia, I would get you to come and do some of those paintings on my boring walls at home
thankyou for sharing all those great works of art.
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NautyOne, Jan 08, 2009
Wow !  that is spectacular and , Uh.......detailed.........I'm glad you got it sold..........
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Jacqui805, Jan 08, 2009
W O W !!!!!!!!!!!  This is SO magnificent!!!!  It is really really beautiful!  
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dominosarah, Jan 08, 2009
It is beautiful!!!!
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kim715, Jan 08, 2009
WOW,the colors are just amazing!!!!!!!! It's so beautiful!!!!!!!!!
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MJIthewriter, Jan 08, 2009
I just noticed this. Really pretty. I like the colors used. Congrats on selling it and at that price.  Reminds me, I should get back into painting.  I used to do things with watercolor until the african violets took over my table.