My tongue, August 2013
My tongue, August 2013
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ashler1977, Aug 26, 2013
Background: Sexual exposure (received unprotected oral sex from a girl of unknown status in Feb 2012). My tongue has been like this from June 2012 to this day (about one year now). Diagnosed with "Candida Albacins Complex" in June 2012 (oral swab), but tested negative for yeast later (two tests, oral swab as well). Several HIV tests (negative) up to 9 months post exposure.

My tongue is:

- All white except the tip
- With excessive saliva
- Swollen tastebuds in the border
- Overall swollen tongue with teeth marks in the border.

Today I went to an infectologist, showed him my tongue, and the tests I have done. He has asked me to do an immunological panel. Is either an immunological or gastroenterological problem. These problems appeared out of the blue.
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DanP1000, Jun 01, 2017
Have you had any results? I have the same problem and no one has been able to help yet, all after a sexual exposure a year ago with all negative std hiv results!!
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Dannyboy1984, Oct 10, 2019
Same as DanP

4 negative HIV tests but no one seems to be able to help with my tongue. ENT docs, a dentist i have seen. No one.