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mikesimon, Nov 18, 2013
Hector looks great in this photo. Thanks for posting it.
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Dee1956, Nov 18, 2013
Hector, you are looking great!!! Absolutely wonderful!  I am so very happy for you, thank GOD.
Thank you to who ever posted this, we are all thinking about him
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blondie717, Nov 18, 2013
Welcome Mike and Dee, We spoke to Hector this afternoon, he sounded great, he walked some today. Tonight or early morning he should be out of ICU. Were going to see him tomorrow, I'm sure once he is able to sit and type he will post the rest of the pictures. Ginger

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hcvJames, Nov 18, 2013
It's like the Fourth of July and New Years Eve fireworks celebration in the Hep C forum. Congratulations!
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can-do-man, Nov 18, 2013
Thanks Blondie for letting us know, hope you and the other half is doing well. We miss his great advice here, along with your sense of humor.
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nzkiwilife, Nov 18, 2013
So good to see. So happy for you Hector SF
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Dee1956, Nov 19, 2013
e all so very very happy for Howie, please send him our love.  Tell him the forum is lighting up like a Christmas tree.  MikeSimon posted and the rest of us ran with the news!
I had laughter through my tears.  Thank you so much for sharing. I heard a collective sigh of relief
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lapis, Nov 19, 2013
Wow, Hector looks great!!  Thanks so much for posting this pic and letting us all feel the warmth of this amazing moment!
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pooh55811, Nov 19, 2013
Thanks, Blondie, for posting the photo and letting us know how Howie is. I send my best wishes and thoughts his way.
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orphanedhawk, Nov 19, 2013
This is the best news of the year !!!
Thanks for posting this photo.