Yep, we live in the hood, but we still have FUN!
Yep, we live in the hood, but we still have FUN!
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Des_a_rae, Nov 29, 2013
Awww, I bet they had SO much fun!!  You're such a wonderful mommy!!  
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mhv, Nov 29, 2013
She looks like a snow princess!!!!  ....what size boot does she wear?  
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mhv, Nov 29, 2013
Omg!  I just read your caption...and then saw the boarded up windows!  You crack me up!!!!
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HandOfFate, Nov 30, 2013
They had a blast! Thank you Desarae, I do try, but I should try harder! Just being honest.
Melissa, this baby girls foot measures 9, but I was told to go a whole size up on the boot, so this is a size 10 boot.
James's foot measures 11, I think....

LOL!! Hey, you have to own it! I could have easily Photoshopped windows in or even easier, crop it out, and honestly, I started to crop that house out of the picture because I hate it so much, but then I thought it would be like cropping memories from my children's minds when then look through pictures, so I left it.

When they're older and understand life a bit better, it will be nice to say, "we've come a long way" and cherish everything we have...even our windows :)

PS. When the crew (two guys in a pickup) came by to board this house up for the second time and hopefully the last time, I stopped my car (I was passing by) to give them a warm and sincere, "Thank you" on behalf of the whole neighborhood....minus one jackass that keeps kicking in the door to smoke pot!!!
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Ellen038, Dec 12, 2013
Looks like lots of fun! Wish I were Sydney's age again ( but with different parents)
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mhv, Jan 18, 2014
Cami wears a size 7 now...drake?  Only a 6 1/2 ;). And your right about the memories, I am glad you left it in :)