My dearest friend in the world. I love this man so much.
My dearest friend in the world. I love this man so much.
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dubba70, Dec 29, 2013
this is a beautiful picture Rene. It makes me look almost human, lol. I love your comments, thank you.
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Tuckamore, Sep 03, 2015
I love this photo - you can see the "glow" on both of you. And I love the story behind the photo. Awesome!
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namnam46, Sep 29, 2015
Oh, Remar!  I have a feeling that this is who I think it is from England, am I right?  :) :) :) :)  What a WONDERFUL picture this is.  You are so lovely and he is so handsome.  Can't wait to see the new pics of him and his Fiance if they come after their wedding.  
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remar, Sep 30, 2015
Yes it is Sherry. This is my dear friend David.I remember this day so well. We had just finished having dinner at my Mom's home after David had taken my husband to play a round of golf. We were sitting out on the deck and my Mom wanted to get some pictures of all of us with David. It's still hard to believe he flew all the way from England to spend time with us. We had such a wonderful visit with him. I'm hoping he comes here again too.