hours old. Eyes open! (:
hours old. Eyes open! (:
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KTowne, Dec 29, 2013
omg look at the hair!! precious!
1712422 tn?1443337501
LovemyKids86, Jan 04, 2014
AWWW!!! Sweet baby!!
7945722 tn?1395643312
prakash13d, Mar 24, 2014
so nice so cute
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renae176, Mar 24, 2014
Brown eyes, Ive never seen that most babies are born with blue then they change shes so beautiful , Love all that hair : )
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MyMelBgirl, Jul 31, 2014
This pic brings back some good memories for me. What a sweetheart
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K_Bmomma, Aug 01, 2014
me too. really seems like a long time ago for me cant believe hes already 7 months. he was a big baby but has grown so much!