12/28 - A lovely visit with my even lovelier friend. DJ.
12/28 - A lovely visit with my even lovelier friend. DJ.
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doublevision1, Jan 20, 2014
great photo :)
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Lulu54, Jan 20, 2014
thanks, DV. It was a good visit - she continues to suffer greatly and now has edema in both legs  up to her waist on both sides.  Yet she manages to smile - go figure!
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karryon55, Jan 20, 2014
A lovely photo that shows how much you care for each other.
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supermum_ms, Jan 20, 2014
Oh wow, this photo is just fantastic, it's so great to see both your smiling faces!!
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SarahL2491, Oct 02, 2014
Fantastic picture, you look so good, both of you!
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Lulu54, Oct 02, 2014
Thanks, Sarah.  That was from back in late December when we had a nice break in the weather to make the run.  I would love to say she has been doing great but the problems of edema have really taken the wind out of her sails - both of her legs and up into her torso are horribly swollen and painful to the touch.  I'm not sure how she continues to put a positive spin on it, but she continues to....

Unfortunately I can't blame my 'puffiness' on anything other than lots of over eating and being sedentary thanks  to my stress fractured foot.