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opus88, Jan 24, 2014
thats a darling photo....lovely babies:))
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AnnieBrooke, Jan 24, 2014
That is Sesame, my most indulged cat during pregnancy, slept on my stomach as it got bigger.  Just checking her work.  Augie still has a nice scratch-mark on his face from pulling her tail when he was 2; she may have been his nanny but was not going to take much guff.
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opus88, Jan 24, 2014 the name and love tuxedo's as well..
Augie learned early (the hard way) how not to treat her, than they became buddies!!
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opus88, Jan 24, 2014
my first love was a tuxedo with nearly identical markings as Sesame, his name was Gus...unfortunately no digital photos to download from back than:)
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AnnieBrooke, Jan 30, 2014
Not just flashy in color but a polydactyl, too.  :)
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Hollus, Oct 21, 2014
This makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside; thank you for sharing the picture!!  :-)
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cut2014, Feb 07, 2015
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breezytoo, Jan 15, 2016
I love your photos!
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Dee1956, May 13, 2016
I love this photo! I thought I told you but I guess not :)
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AnnieBrooke, May 13, 2016
Thanks!  My baby and my baby, I guess.  :)