553 days 1yr&1/2 plus
553 days 1yr&1/2 plus
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ricart70, Mar 30, 2014
Well look at you!!!!   You look awesome ;))  so healthy
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ariley13, Mar 30, 2014
You look so healthy and beautiful Vic!
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meegWpaw, Mar 30, 2014
is that my Vickie Pie?  you look beautiful!!!!!!!  im so special cuz I have such a pretty friend!   :))))
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msdelight, Mar 30, 2014
Look at you sexy mama! All sparkly and beautiful! Your look great!!
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10356, Mar 30, 2014
You look Beautiful V. Sobriety fits you. Congrats on your 1 1/2 yrs ! You have kept it going all thru everything you have been thru, Now is your time to reap the rewards of a clean life, I know you have a lot of grieving yet to do but the joy in just living will be yours. I could not be Happier for you.. warm hugs for a Beautiful lady.. lesa
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dominosarah, Mar 31, 2014
You look amazing!!!!  You are beautiful Grasshopper~
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nonights, Mar 31, 2014
Wow what a beautiful woman you are. Inside and outside.
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spider6, Mar 31, 2014
There's a pretty girl.
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VICourageous, Mar 31, 2014
Thanks..I really do not like to put a close up face in, but I am just for a while so I can see the changes as I grow more into Recovery..This one is a bit foggy because the Batteries were going low..lol What a Difference sense I put the first one it at 33 days and up. Going to put one more in with my whole Body shot so I can see the weight that I will loose again!!
Hugs to you all!!!
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digger1976, Mar 31, 2014
You are looking truly amazing Vic, ;))))