19 months old
19 months old
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Moma_Cher, Mar 31, 2014
They are getting so grown! Drake looks like he just passed gas and is waiting for Cam to get the full effect lol. Too cute these two!!
4625099 tn?1431317905
Grace358, Apr 01, 2014
How cheeky is Drake's smile.. wow they are getting so big.. bet they are talking lots now
6077797 tn?1520007788
veronica0808, Apr 11, 2014
too cute... and the little man has that flirty smile hahahaha
4548024 tn?1474842725
renae176, Apr 14, 2014
Drake always has that pose with that grin, : )  they are both so beautiful , It looks like Cam is getting  taller now compared to before
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cindylouwho514, Apr 23, 2014
They are adorable!
1473300 tn?1397592129
renny320, May 17, 2014
They are getting so big. Very cute.
1027304 tn?1333977006
Alexis2358, May 19, 2014
They don't look like babies anymore, wow, such cuties.    Have fun on your trip, we just got back from a 7 day carribean cruise and it was amazing.   Kaden did fantastic.