Prototype of butterfly card
Prototype of butterfly card
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Charliixo, May 14, 2014
I am hoping to produce more of these for my country's charity as very little funding is going towards care, diagnosis and management of thyroid illness, simply because we are of a small minority compared to those with cancer, cerebral palsy, diabetes, stroke and heart disease.
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anushmaan, May 14, 2014
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TheLightSeeker, May 23, 2014
Are any of the "big" ones really improving patients' health, due to recognition and more funding?
I think not, and as long as the power to implement any truly effective measures, that will work to the advantage of the suffering patients and provide cures, is in the hands of FDA, NHS, multinational Pharmaceutical Corporations and any for profit, power, maintaining the status quo, or political advancement (for their own agendas) entities, it's not going to happen.
Small grass root minorities, like the one your are supporting, can help spread the truth, while the original purpose is still intact.

   Organisations, like cancer societies raising funds for research, when they grow too large, start loosing their focus and running their organisations (business) takes over and becomes its main priority.
The paradox in this is that any cures that may be discovered (the truth), could result in their elimination, so perpetuating research and running their business is the focus.

Isn't funny that those illnesses you mentioned are still so prevalent in our society, despite all the billions of fundraising?