Purple Celtic detail
Purple Celtic detail
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Rena705, Mar 22, 2008
WOW...talented lady...this is absolutely gorgeous and I love the colors!

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Heather3418, Mar 23, 2008
Absolutely beautiful quilts, Quix.  You are truly an artisan of the highest order.  Like Rena says, WOW!
611606 tn?1315517767
ShadowsSister, Sep 09, 2008
I Totally Agree... These are all Breathtaking..You have many very special gifts
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uk2, Mar 02, 2009
I love this!!! how long did it take?
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deborah0904, Mar 16, 2009
This is gorgeous.  Purple is my favorite color!!!!
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Wobbly, Mar 16, 2009
I love it... how long does this take ??  Wow...
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jois, Jan 01, 2010
Totally Awsome!