favorite original design
favorite original design
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Freespirit24, Mar 25, 2008
Beautiful  *S*
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ShadowsSister, Sep 09, 2008
230948 tn?1235844329
uk2, Mar 02, 2009
so lovely!!
947764 tn?1245937215
skys, Jun 24, 2009
I love this design and God too.  Did you design this?
947764 tn?1245937215
skys, Jun 24, 2009
Excuse me I meant to say, how did you start designing this?
1225331 tn?1333365769
kelly97, May 19, 2010
Very Celtic-ish!!! Very nice!
147426 tn?1317265632
Quixotic1, Jun 26, 2010
This just grew on the convas from the cross outward.  I did plan the "knots" on graph paper when I got to them.  I chose the colors for each section as I got there.